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The GTA is equipped with underground clay pipes — and the older they get the worse they are.  These drains in and around Toronto age poorly, and are highly susceptible to cracks, breaks and shifts — often times due to tree root penetration. We suggest that you look into drain replacement to either prevent these problems from occurring or to rectify the state of your drains.

Shifted, broken or cracked pipes can lead to leaks that not only can cause water damage but can let harmful bacteria into your home or office. We provide drain replacement services that will ensure your space is clean, hygienic, and fresh. We’re here to replace those pesky old pipes of yours with brand new ones that are foolproof against cracks and shifts. When we replace your drains, your new durable, crack-proof pipes will be resistant against those pesky factors and will be able to withstand tree root penetration.

The best part is that your new pipes will come complete with a 25-year warranty. What other drainage companies offer that kind of stability?

We have a variety of techniques that help us replace your drain, but the primary is trenchless pipe bursting. This allows for minimal excavation and cleanup, as the process is done by digging a small entrance so that we can tunnel in the new pipe and remove your old one. Additionally, we offer backwater valve installation to prevent any water from back flowing and re-entering your home.

Drain replacement can be a dirty job, but we aim to leave the site spotless when we are done working. During the project, we will protect your space by utilizing drop sheets, and ensure a thorough clean up upon completion.

Sewer Squad solves drainage problems all across Toronto, and throughout the GTA in Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Pickering, Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville. Drain replacement is a big job, but we know our squad is up to the challenge.


Start Replacing Drains

Majority of the time drain replacement isn’t planned for and is instead a reaction to an emergency— truthfully, by the time drain issues are identified, they need to be rectified ASAP. Fortunately, we offer emergency next-day service! We provide 24/7 emergency service with no overtime charge, all you need to do is give us a call at 1.833.683.7584 and we’ll be in touch to replace your drain.

Opt for the service simply to eliminate and replace cracked or root intruded pipes that are in danger of leaking or bursting. Sometimes it can take too long to realize you have a drain emergency on your hands, which is why we’ve identified the major signs that you need drain replacement, and you need it fast:


● Slow Drains

Your water isn’t running properly? Let us guess, it’s running too slowly. The proper disposal of drain water is imperative to the health and safety of individuals and their residence. If your pipes are slow it’s because they are clogged, collapsed, broken or overdue for some TLC. In other words, it’s time to replace your drains.

● Clogging

A clogged drain pipe is no friend of yours. If you are noticing the backup of drains or strange smells (see: a suspicious stench) in your house,you’re either dealing with a collapsed pipe or a clog in your pipes likely caused by tree roots.  You’re not going to want to let clogged pipes sit because that can lead to a leak or a subsequent flood. Replace your drains now before the problem becomes dire and more costly.

Not to mention, no one is going to want to come to your house if your pipes are giving off a smell that no air freshener can fix. The best way to prevent clogs is regular drain cleaning that will help keep your pipes working smoothly. Breaks or cracks in your pipe can also contribute to clogs, which can be solved by drain replacement as well.

● Leaking

If your pipes are starting to leak due to a crack or break, some serious problems await you ranging from flooding to molding. Water damage is one of those problems that can get out of hand, which is why if you are facing a leaking drain you’re going to want to repair it or replace it dependant on the severity of the situation.

● Ageing

The fact is, pipes get old. If your house is 25+ years old, its pipes are reaching retirement. Be a responsible homeowner and do your due diligence — get those old drain pipes replaced. After we replace your drains, not only will you will be worry-free, but you will have a 25-year warranty on your brand new pipes. Utilize our drain replacement services and we will replace your old pipes with new ones that are foolproof against any pesky cracks or leaks.

If your clay pipes are ageing, chances are they are they will crack, break, or shift —  and once your pipes get to that point, you’ll wish you acted sooner. Be proactive, protect your pipes, yourself and your home. We want to help you and your pipes, so be sure to enlist the help of our services before things get out of hand and you have massive drainage problems to deal with. If it’s too late to prevent the problem and you are in a bind, you can also opt for our emergency services. There is no drain issue too big or small for us to take on.

● Tree Root Intrusion

If you’re noticing that tree roots have gotten into your drain pipe, it’s time to get your drain replaced. These underground roots cause major damage as they break pipes, and weasel their way in to clog the drain and create cracks that lead to larger issues.


Expert Drain Replacement Company In Toronto

Having a drain issue? You need a professional, not your cousin. We are a proud local drainage repair company that has the expertise and resources to solve any and all of your drainage problems. We have over 15 years of experience providing drainage solutions to drainage problems.

We firmly believe that drainage issues should not break the bank, which is why we strive to provide cost-effective solutions to your drainage problems. When we give you a quote it will be reasonable, and our deliverable will be the drainage solutions you’re seeking.

Whether you live in Toronto or in the GTA in Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Pickering, Brampton, Mississauga or Oakville, we can offer you drainage solutions to your drainage problems. That problematic drainage pipe is no match for our squad. Our local team is comprised of a select few carefully picked professionals that are eager to help you solve your drainage problems.

Get Your Drains Replaced Today

Your clay pipes are cracked, broken, filled with roots, or all of the above — who are you going to call? Sewer Squad. Give us a call or drop us an email, and we will give you a quote and let you know exactly how we can serve your drain replacement needs.

Once it’s time to start work on site, you will get an email and text with the profile and location of the technician who will be helping you. Our system is in place so that you know exactly who you will be dealing with, and how soon they will get to you. It’s like Uber — but for your drains!


Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Replacement

Many put off drain replacement because they don’t quite understand why it is necessary, and are concerned about how long the process will be. We want to make sure that you don’t wait until it’s too late to solve your drainage problems. To clarify what drain replacement entails, here are some of the answers to the best questions we get asked about the service:


● What Is Drain Replacement?

Drain replacement is when you replace your old (likely damaged) pipes with brand new ones. When you call us for drain replacement, we throw in a 25-year warranty on your new pipes for good measure.

● What’s Involved in Drain Replacement?

Drain replacement commonly calls for the removal and replacement of old clay pipes that are collapsed, cracked, shifted or broken. Some people opt to replace an individual pipe that’s causing a nuisance, but replacement is commonly done throughout a home or commercial space — which means all the old pipes are replaced with new ones. It’s a big job, but our squad can handle it.

● What Can Happen If I Don’t Replace My Drains?

A lot of things can happen if you put off replacing your drains. If you have old or damaged pipes, you will likely be dealing with serious clogs, leaks or corrosion in the future if you don’t plan ahead. None of the above is fun to deal with, so before you’re dealing with bacteria from pipes, flooding from a leak, or a putrid smelling back up, you should be looking into drain replacement. Trust us, we want to help you fix your drains before your problem gets any more expensive, or smelly.

● Do I Need To Replace All the Drains In My House?

Everyone’s situations are different — as we mentioned, you may have one bothersome drainage pipe, or your entire space may have cracked or collapsed drainage pipes that need replacing before a bigger problem arises. Give us a call, let us know what you are dealing with and we’ll advise you on the most effective drainage solutions to your drainage problems.

● How Will Drain Replacement Impact My Schedule?

It’s no secret that replacing drains can be a big job, but when you come to us with a drainage problem you become part of our squad. We aim to make the experience as seamless for you as possible by working together to form a plan. We will listen to your needs to ensure that our job is done efficiently, cleanly, and in a way that least disturbs your day to day schedule.

Sewer Squad Drain Replacement: Get In Touch

Whether you need to replace one broken or cracked drain, or you need drain replacement throughout your commercial space, Sewer Squad wants to help you. Send us an email or even give us a quick call. We want to talk about your options and how we can use our high efficiency and years of experience to solve your drainage problems.




Emergency Services

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Because drain issues never seem to arise during business hours, Sewer Squad offers 24/7 emergency service with no overtime charge. Flooded basement on New Year's Day? We’re there. Just call our emergency number and we’ll be at your door, fast.

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