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Do you wonder why your basement smells or why your water bills continue to rise? It could be an issue deep in the system. Call us for our diagnostic services here in the greater Toronto area.

For over 6 years, our team has provided comprehensive diagnostic services to Toronto residents and across the GTA. Our experts are highly skilled at quickly and efficiently identifying the root cause of your plumbing problems to provide the most effective repair or replacement plan available.

Toronto Drain Diagnostic Services

Is your drain making unusual noises or producing smelly odors? Don’t just guess at what the problem could be: Get the professional help you need to remove what’s causing the defects in your drainage system.

Whether your drain is clogged, moves slowly, or has a foul odor, our team can assess your system to identify blockages, structural damage, and other contributing factors that are hindering top performance in your drains.

We only use the most environmentally friendly solutions that are proven to remove and prevent future issues from persisting in your home’s plumbing.

Call or contact Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services online for drain diagnostic and repair service at your Toronto home!

GTA Sewer Diagnostic Services

From broken backwater valves to busted sewer lines, several things can cause your home’s sewer line to malfunction or back up. Using the industry’s most advanced techniques, the Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services will quickly assess damage to your sewer lines to identify the cause of the problem.

Whether you’ve suffered tree root intrusion, a malfunctioning backwater valve, or a severe blockage, our team can gather the insights necessary to build the most effective repair or replacement plan for your system.

Need help diagnosing the problems with your sewer system? Call or contact Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services online now! We proudly offer 24-hour emergency plumbing service with no extra fees!

Benefits to Diagnostic Services

Finding and fixing small problems before they turn into large ones protects your property and keeps repair expenses low. We use the latest equipment and technology to see deep in your plumbing system to find the source of leaks and clogs. Even if your plumbing seems to be in working order, it’s wise to perform an inspection at least once a year to identify potential problems that could be disastrous if left unchecked.

Water Main Diagnostic Services

You’ll know when your home suffers water main damage because you’ll receive notification from a city official advising you to seek professional plumbing service.

When you require water main services at your home, contact the pros at Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services for immediate diagnostics to meet city water main compliance. We’ll perform the necessary tests using innovative tools and techniques to diagnose the sole cause for your water main woes.

To schedule plumbing diagnostic services for your home’s water main, call Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services or contact us online now!

Complete Diagnostic Services Across the GTA

No matter what your sewage or plumbing issue may be, our team has the professional expertise necessary to diagnose the problem for a fast, efficient solution. We provide expert services for a range of common household concerns, including the following:

Has an unresolved issue turned into an emergency? No problem: Our team provides 24/7 emergency services at no extra cost and no added fee for nighttime or weekend service.

Call Today for Diagnostic Plumbing Services

With diagnostic services from the Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services, you’ll quickly understand the underlying cause for your plumbing, sewage, or drain issues and receive a comprehensive repair or replacement plan from Toronto’s top plumbing professionals.

Call Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services or contact us online to schedule plumbing diagnostic and repair service in the GTA! We proudly offer 24-hour emergency plumbing service with no extra fees!

With more than 6 years of experience, we have the expertise to diagnose and repair any plumbing problem you may have at your Toronto home.

Use our diagnostic services to pinpoint problems for more thorough, longer lasting repairs. Call us today at 416-571-8499.

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