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All of the debris going down our drains causes blockages, which can lead to burst pipes and dangerous water backup. Call Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services in the GTA for expert drain cleaning services to get your drains as clean as new!

Considering all the things that we put down our drains, it’s no surprise that they need regular maintenance. It is essential for your household’s plumbing that you look after your drains — after all, proper drainage plays an integral role in protecting your home’s integrity.

Professional Drain Cleaning

Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services offers professional drain cleaning and repair services in Toronto to help your drains do their job effectively. Even with the help of stoppers, sometimes food pieces can get into your kitchen sink drain and create a clog — and nothing good can come from a clogged drain.

Whether you have a leaky drain or nasty buildup on your hands — or need to replace your drain pipe altogether — we are happy to lend a helping hand. It’s important to keep an eye on these things so that you can act accordingly to prevent any major drainage problems before they arise.

Our team of experienced, educated technicians is equipped with the resources to provide a wide range of drain services, including:

We know that drainage problems can be a huge nuisance, which is why we’re committed to providing you with solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. To learn more about our services give us a call at 416-571-8499.

That nasty odor coming from your drain is not normal — and is a telling sign that you’re way overdue for drain cleaning.

If you find that your drain is backed up, get in touch with Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services and ask about our rooter service in Toronto so that we can get your drain working like new again.

Drain cleaning doesn’t always have to be a reaction to a situation. It’s a good idea to clean your drains regularly to prevent future problems like clogging and buildups. If you are looking to take better care of your drains, consider our drain cleaning maintenance program to receive monthly cleaning services.

Call for Drain Cleaning If You Notice These Signs

When you don’t routinely clean your drains, it can be hard to know when you are in dire need of these services. If you begin to notice these signs, it’s time for drain cleaning:

Slow Running Water

Black Particles

Gurgling Noises

Sink Bubbles

When your drain is running three times slower than usual and isn’t draining properly, you need the assistance of professionals to restore it to tip-top shape.

A household contains many drains, all of which can endure buildups and other problems. Our team of educated, experienced technicians is prepared to repair any drain in your home.

Whether you have a clog or leaky drain on your hands, you can trust us to provide a solution.

If you have a drain that needs repairing, be sure to get in touch for any of our services:

Drain Replacement

In 2016 alone, Toronto was home to a population of approximately 2.5 million and 37,549 private dwellings — and these numbers keep increasing.

The thing is, a lot of the city’s older homes are built on aged clay pipes that are notorious for cracking and leaking — luckily, you can get the help of our drain replacement experts in Toronto.

Every drain has an expiry date, and we are equipped with the resources to replace your drain with minimal mess and maximum efficiency. There’s no need to keep a drain that is cracked or leaking — that just results in long-term problems that we’re sure future you won’t want to deal with.

If your pipe burst or sprung a leak, don’t wait — replace it ASAP! A broken drain pipe is an emergency, and we are prepared to save the day. You’re better off utilizing our 24/7 emergency services instead of dealing with a flood by yourself.

Join our squad today, and we’ll make sure to replace your drain pipe with a shiny new one that will better resist root intrusions among other factors. Your new drain pipe will even come with a 25-year warranty – it doesn’t really get better than that.

Local Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Getting your drain replaced no longer involves major excavation and mess — that is if you enlist the help of our professional trenchless pipe bursting in Toronto.

We provide local trenchless pipe bursting in Toronto to make sure that your drain gets replaced as efficiently — and mess-free — as possible. Our modern drain replacement process all happens underground, making it easier for all parties involved.

Instead of uprooting your landscaping, we dig two small holes. We put your new drain pipe in one hole and then push (or “burst”) your old one out through the other. It’s important for us that we make your drain replacement experience seamless — we don’t want to uproot your landscape or your schedule.

When we replace your old drainpipe, we swap in a brand new one that is durable and resistant against factors like tree root intrusions among other potential factors that can cause damage. The best part? Your new drain pipe comes complete with a 25-year warranty.

Keep your drains clean and free-flowing with our expert drain cleaning services. Call us today for an appointment in the GTA at 416-571-8499!

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