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Trenchless Pipe Bursting Toronto

Trenchless Pipe Bursting Services

Dealing with a sewage system that is severely damaged or compromised was once a massive headache to deal with. Now, new technology has provided an efficient solution for replacing old or problematic pipes — trenchless pipe bursting. Sewer Squad uses pipe bursting, an efficient trenchless strategy, to replace pipes.

Gone are the days that pipe bursting requires major excavation and destruction of landscaping. Once upon a time, you had to dig underground to replace a major pipe. Now new trenchless technology allows us to burst pipes with a lot less mess and a lot more efficiency than in the past.

Now, we insert a new pipe into the old one, burst its surroundings, and effectively use the space it occupies as a trench. Goodbye going days without running out water, hello new process that can be done after a day of work.

We utilize a special butt-fusion-welded pipe that assures that no joints are damaged during the installation process. Our trenchless pipe bursting services ensure that you get a new pipeline with minimal disruption to your yard.

No matter where you are, we want to help you — because we know drainage problems happen everywhere. We are proud to offer our services across Toronto, and throughout the GTA in Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Pickering, Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville.


The Benefits Of Trenchless Pipe Bursting

At its core, trenchless pipe bursting calls for the underground replacement of a pipe. Pipe bursting allows for buried pipelines to be replaced without the need to spend time, cleaning the mess of excavation, and having to replace and restore damaged landscaping.

While pipe replacement once meant that you once had to go a lengthy period of time without being able to use your drain lines or your sewer, pipe bursting is a quick and easy process.

The trenchless technology allows for an efficient pipe replacement process that we love delivering. There is nothing better than delivering a service that is efficient, seamless, and both cost and time effective — and pipe bursting has so many advantages. These are the best reasons for enlisting trenchless pipe bursting services.


● It Fixes Damaged Pipes

Trenchless pipe bursting replaces pipes that have seen much better days. The service is commonly utilized to replace the following:

● Collapsed pipes

● Corroded pipes

● Root infested pipes

● Leakage of sewage wastewater


● Less Time Consuming  

Pipe replacement no longer means spending hours digging through heavy landscape to get to a pipe. With new trenchless technology, pipe bursting can take mere hours. It’s truly the best — and cleanest — of your sewer pipe repair options.

● Minimal Excavation

Replacing major pipes traditionally meant digging through your landscaping. That often entailed soil flying everywhere, and your pristine front or backyard getting destroyed. Now, pipe bursting calls for minimal excavation which means the preservation of the landscaping you’ve taken time to maintain.

● More Cost Effective

Since trenchless technology means that we just have to excavate one small hole instead of a massive trench, and you don’t have to pay to replace a large portion of landscaping that has been taken apart. No need to spend money and labour on replacing grass and soil, everything will remain intact!

● Increase Pipe Size

Oftentimes, when a pipe is replaced by trenchless pipe bursting, they are more easily replaced by larger ones with an increased flow. This means that when you utilize trenchless pipe bursting, your new pipe boasts greater water carrying capacity. This strategy actually results in the improved flow of sewage and water through your pipes. No mess, and all the gain? This is a service we are happy to provide.

● Pipe Life Expectancy

Not only has new technology made such a seamless process of pipe replacement possible. The new pipes we replace your old ones with are increasingly more resistant to animals, shifting soil and root intrusion. Now, when you utilize trenchless pipe bursting to replace or fix your pipe, it will last for that much longer, boasting a lengthier life expectancy.


Expert Trenchless Pipe Bursting Service In Toronto

We can replace buried pipelines without the mess of excavation. Opt for our trenchless pipe bursting services and you will get a new pipeline with little disruption to your yard. It doesn’t matter where you are located, because we are happy to service your city.

It is with immense pride that we serve a wide range of areas in Ontario. We offer our services in Toronto, and across the GTA in Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Pickering, Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville.  We are extremely proud of our scope, as we like to provide drainage solutions to as many drainage problems as we possibly can.

Sewer Squad is also proudly one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly companies in the business. When we do work we use drop sheets to keep your space tidy, and we are diligent about cleaning up after our work is done. Additionally, our maintenance program offers monthly drain cleaning services that call for the use of strictly environmentally friendly services.

We are a family oriented business — when you come to us with drainage problems, you become part of our squad. We strive to serve our clients in a way that is both time and cost effective. Our team is comprised of carefully selected individuals who offer the same expertise as the squad leader, founder Phil Stinner. For 15 years and counting, we have been providing professional drainage solutions to drainage problems, and we are constantly looking towards growth.


Use Our Trenchless Pipe Bursting Services Today

Don’t wait for your drainage problems to get worse. Our trenchless pipe bursting services are efficient, cost-effective and progressive on all accounts. If you are interested in our pipe bursting services, give us a call or send us an email and we will be in touch to give you a quote and put a plan into action.

Once we are ready to start work, you will receive an email and text with the profile of the technician who has been designated to help you. You will also get their location via a GPS. We know what you are thinking — it’s like Uber, but for drains and pipes. We pride ourselves in being experienced, efficient and effective.


Frequently Asked Questions About Pipe Bursting

Trenchless pipe bursting is a relatively new strategy that has been widely adopted due to its efficiency and advancement. Now, there is no reason to be scared to replace a pipe. With how the process has improved, it is so streamline that it won’t disturb you, your home or place of work in the least. Considering the relatively recent advancements in the process, however, if you are not familiar with it then it can often come with some questions.

Here are some answers to the best, and most common questions we get asked about trenchless pipe bursting and our process:


● What Is Trenchless Pipe Bursting?

Pipe Bursting replaces underground pipelines by utilizing an innovative trenchless method. Instead of doing a massive excavation, trenchless pipe bursting is done exclusively underground with minimal digging.

● What Does Trenchless Pipe Bursting Cost

We can give you a quote upon contact, but there is no denying that trenchless pipe bursting is significantly more cost-effective than traditional pipe replacement. The process is more streamline, calls for less labour, and is more efficient in that it takes a fraction of the time than traditional processes did.

● What Is The Trenchless Pipe Bursting Process

When a pipe is broken or needs replacement, two holes are dug out so that the old one can be accessed and the new one can be inserted. A tool called a bursting head removes the old pipe by being launched in and bursting the old pipe. This forces the pipe open, creating room for its replacement.

This actually creates extra room, which why the replacement pipe is often larger boasting better carrying capacities. The bursting head is launched using hydraulic power, and the insertion of the new pipe is similarly done through hydraulics. In layman’s terms, the new pipe will already be installed without the need to remove the old one.

● How Long Does Pipe Bursting Take?

Considering pipe bursting is a seamless process that only calls for the creation of two holes and is hydraulically powered, the process doesn’t take very long at all. It can often be done in a few hours.

● How Can I Get Trenchless Pipe Bursting Done On My Property?

Just call Sewer Squad, that’s how! Get in touch and we will work out all the details of solving your plumbing pipe repair needs.


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Now that you know the unlimited advantages to trenchless pipe bursting, give us a call! Our services are clean and cost-effective. Don’t wait to get in the touch, we will have our technicians sent to you at your convenience. Remember, drain problems happen everywhere which is why we always make sure we can be there! Our services are offered throughout Toronto, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Pickering, Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville.



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